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*Framed works reccommended for pick-up*


Ka hinga atu he tetekura, Ka haramai he tetekura
As one fern frond dies, another will take it's place

Hinga atu he tetekura

  • Paper Quality

    Each piece is printed on 200gsm premium paper, ensuring high quality colour, durability and vibrancy. 
    Delievered to your doorstep in shipping tubes for the highest protection against dents, folds and tears

    Frame Specs

    If you choose a framed option, you will recieve a convenient front loading frame that has snap open sides.
    These useful frames are manufactured form powder coated aluminium, making them strong and durable and they have clear PVC cover sheets which will protect your print
    Pick up prefered for this option as this will ensure no possible breakage on delivery.

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